Positive Emotions
Negative Emotions
How To Deal With Them
Which Emotion Is This?
To cherish a desire with anticipation. To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment.
What is Hope? (aspiration, desire)
Filled with fear, apprehension or regret over an unwanted situation.
What is afraid? (scared)
These are two coping strategies used to deal with anger
Taking deep breaths Talking to trusted adult Walking away Writing about the problem
You see a classmate who takes a deep sigh and puts their head in their hands. The student is also not talking as much as they usually do at school. They are probably expressing this emotion...
What is sadness (defeated, upset)
You are at home and you receive a phone call that your grandmother passed away. You are likely going to experience this emotion...
sadness (grief, depression, regret)
Free from stress or anxiety; at ease. Ease and security feelings.
What is comfortable? (relaxed)
This emotion is defined as lack of interest.
What is bored? (careless)
Name 1 strategy to deal with peer conflict
Talk to the person you have a problem with Ask a trusted adult to talk to the peer Write down your feelings
You are walking through the cafeteria and you see a classmate pacing back and forth, clenching his jaws, and rubbing the back of his neck. You go over to talk to them and they are speaking through his teeth with forces restraint. This student is likely experiencing this emotion...
Frustration or impatience
You are walking down the street and you pick up a lottery ticket off the ground. You later come to find that the ticket is worth 1 million dollars. Afterwards, you are likely to experience this emotion...
What is Joy (happiness, excitement, elation)
A strong affection or liking for someone or something.
What is love?
An emotional state in which people feel discarded, undesired, left behind.
What is Abandonment?
what is the best thing to do when you have wronged a friend or classmate
Apologize Communicate the reasons behind your actions
You are walking down the hallway and you all of a sudden see a student run out of the bathroom, gagging, pinching their nose closed, and holding their stomach. This student is probably displaying this emotion...
What is disgust (repugnance, distaste)
This morning you have been dreading a math test that you did NOT study for last night. When you arrived at school you found out that your math teacher was out sick and the test was cancelled. You are likely to experience this emotion...
Relief (relaxation, release, comfort, alleviation)
This emotion is defined as a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy
What is Happiness?
This may be caused by not meeting one’s expectations. Every single person has a specific set of standards. This serves as the personal quality control of the individual.
What is Disappointed?
How would you handle a negative interaction with a teacher?
Speak to the teacher after class Notify parents of the negative interaction Apologize directly to the teacher that was impacted
You are headed to your advisors office to request your progress report. When you arrive you see that your advisor has taken off his tie, he has music playing, and his shoes off with his feet up on his desk. It appears that your advisor is experiencing this emotion
Relaxation (chilling)
You absolutely LOVE Sour Skittles and equally HATE brushing your teeth at night, when you go to the dentist you find out that you have 10 cavities and you have to get a lot of dental work done. After you find out the news, you would probably be experience this emotion...
Regret (disappointment, remorse, guilt)
Faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way . A state of being certain.
What is confidence?
Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that occur when a person believes a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival.
What is jealousy (envy)
What do you do when something does not go your way?
Think about what to do differently to get a better outcome next time Try to look at the positives in a negatively perceived situation.
You are in ELA doing independent reading and you notice the student that sits in front of you. She is tapping her pencil, staring at the ceiling and other random things around the room. Every time there is the slightest noise in the classroom, she turns to see what it is. This student is probably experiencing this emotion....
Distraction (inattentiveness)
Your classmate made a joke about your parents, this immediately gave you an urge to punch him in the face and you became aggressive with the student. This anger is probably cause by this emotion...
Defensive (protective, guarding)
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